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Finding bad luck and obstacles in your life? Your name could be responsible. Name can be changed by addition or deletion of a few alphabets thereby enhancing luck factor in your life. And it's easy to do if you have your date, place and time of birth.

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2 months ago
We consulted vicaas ji for our new house purchase. He patiently answered all the questions and made us understand the vaastu, do's and don'ts. He also suggest vaastu according to family members using their date of birth etc which is one more deep level. Happy with his service, Would definitely recommend 👍👍
- Shweta T
4 months ago
I am writing my review after nearly 1 and half years since i consulted with Vikas Ji, I was referred to him by my sister. My life has changed for a lot better with the kind of remedies and suggestions i was provided. Unlike typical Professional Astro consultants, Vikas Ji is very systematic in his approach and suggests v v easily doable remedies that too only if its really required. I take his advice for most important decisions i want to take because of the trust i have established on him. Let god give you more strength to guide many many more who are looking for genuine guidance.
- Dayanidhaye V
5 months ago
One of the best astrologer , guide , mentor and spiritual healer. Unlike other people , he genuinely care for people and suggest them simple remedies .
- Akhil N



for problems and issues relating to marriage and family relationships, finance, business, job stability, health, education and so on....

Note  - Accurate time of birth is mandatory for this service

Charges - Rs 1500 per horoscope


Name correction services (Individual as well as business name) are offered under numerology. Both Chaldean and Pythagorus numerology as well as birth horoscope are used to ensure best selection of name for success and wealth. 

Time of birth is necessary to avail this service

It is necessary to get a list of preferred names with you in order to select the most preferred ones.

Charges - Rs 2100 



1.       Astrological approach – As per astrology, the various areas of your flat / home are related to your natal horoscope. Just as you have a birth horoscope, the house also has a kind of horoscope of it’s own and has invisible strong influences of planets in various areas. According to the ongoing planetary phases in the horoscope, one needs to make changes in respective areas of the property to achieve a state of balance / harmony as per a person’s horoscope. Changes means placement of various interior objects (sometimes common place things like a rectangular table OR a white color round clock, and sometimes special ones like picture of Lord Shiva).

2.       Feng Shui (pronounced – “Fung Shway”) approach – The Chinese theory of Feng Shui and (also many ancient Indian texts) talks about the presence of the five elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Ether) in different directions of a property. Balancing the 5 elements through placement of colors and objects in different directions is a delicate art that needs to be applied properly in the property to achieve vastu compliance in a property. The interaction of the five elements with each other in different directions is very complicated and rarely understood topic and needs thorough study of various aspects of the exterior and interiors of a home.

3.       The Indian Vastu approach – talks about the presence of the 45 different energies in the vastu zone. These 45 energies with different attributes are formed through the instrumentality of 9 planets x 5 elements = 45 energy zones or Vastu devatas.  These energies/devatas can be influenced to give positive results through colors, objects, mantras and using certain other tantra techniques.

All the above approaches to Vastu need to be applied and kept in mind / synchonized to get positive results for the client’s property. And this -  in brief – is exactly how Astrokriya will approach your vastu requirements.



1.       BEFORE PURCHASE / RENT – Basic Vastu audit of a new property – in order to rule out any possible negative outcomes for you and your family.

2.       AFTER PURCHASE / RENT – Vastu compliance service – either basic or detailed as per client requirements in order to create more health, wealth, happiness and opportunities for the inhabitants.

3.       Selection of site for future construction of property

4.       Help in tackling any particular existing issues through the expert application science of astrology and Vastu. Issues can of many types like –

·       Health problems

·       Relationship issues

·       Educational issues

·       Financial losses in business

·       Lack of progress / dull phase in career

·       Achievement of better financial turnover in business

·       Depression

·       Lack of self esteem

·       Fear

·       Low social status and relationships

·       Lack of conversion of existing opportunities

·       A particular work getting stuck again and again without reason

·       Non-recognition of efforts

·       Problems with existing source of income

·       Legal hassles

·       Problems from Government departments

·       Lack of support from anyone in various areas in life

·       Spate of bad luck in general after moving into a particular property

·       Marriage delays

·       Tension and stress among family members

·       Delay and/or denial of child birth

NOTE – In certain cases, fate/destiny plays a major role and the horoscope of the client does not support a particular area in his or her life time. It is important to understand that the solutions of Vastu work because of certain helpful loopholes that nature gives us advantage of. But at times, the loopholes may simply not exist in a particular case due to past karma.  In such cases, the client is duly informed in advance that our services will be on best efforts basis and results may at best be partial or may not come at all even after doing all the required changes. Going ahead with Vastu is the client’s choice, in such cases.



1. Rest assured - most of the remedies suggested by us will not involve any demolition or major structural changes of any kind and will be very cost effective and simple to implement but still result giving.

2. Unlike many other so called Vastu Consultants, Astrokriya is completely honest and transparent. You won’t find us using scare tactics with you and trying to fleece you of your hard earned money by selling you expensive vastu remedies, that are not even needed in the first place.

3. A little known fact is that knowledge of vastu is incomplete without Astrology. Vastu is not the same for two different people. A true vastu consultant needs to be aware of both. Astrokriya provides both astrology and vastu services and uses both to achieve the goals of the clients.

Our Vastu Consultation Charges – are dependant on the scope of work needed and vary from case to case. However, do not worry – Astrokriya services are very reasonably priced.

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